Library of Things!

Travel Kits

International Travel Kit:

International travel sometimes requires more “stuff” than traveling domestically. It is expensive and you need more storage, documents, and sometimes different plugs for your electronic equipment. Instead of purchasing these things, save money and borrow our kit! Just return it when you get home!


Includes 1 voltage converter in case (with manual), 1 USB battery charger in a bag (with manual), 1 travel/documents wallet, and 1 belt pack.

Camping Cookware Kit

Going camping? Well you need to eat and this kit have every thing you need like pots and cups, plus they are fit together for easy storage.

Contains two pots/cups, foldable spork, stand for propane (not included), cleaning cloths, and direction booklets

Baking and Cooking

Ballet slippers cake pan:

Want to make a fun cake for the ballet dancers in your life? Borrow our pan and do it yourself!

Includes ballet slippers pan, template/picture, and instructions.

Batman cake pan:

Want a tasty Batman cake for your favorite DC comics fan?
Borrow our pan and do it yourself!

Includes Batman cake pan, template/picture, and instructions.

Cake Pop Maker:

Everyone loves food on a stick! How about cake? Try and make it at home with our cake pop maker!

Includes one cake pop maker and one user guide

Copper Jello Molds:

Make your next themed party more festive with these copper jello molds! Create them yourself and return them to us when you’re done!

Includes 3 copper jello molds.
(1 seashell, 1 cherries, 1 grapes.)

Countless celebrations cake pan:

Take this home and make many cakes with one pan. Includes instructions and inserts to create whatever you can dream up!

Includes 1 cake pan, 8 pan inserts, 1 angled cutter, and instruction  booklet.

Ebelskiver pan and how-to book:

An ebelskiver is a Danish filled pancake. Sounds good right? So make them yourself! We include a book with recipes and ideas to get you on the right track!

Includes 1 ebelskiver pan, 1 removal tool, and 1 recipe book.

Elmo cake pan:

Everybody loves Elmo! Make someone an Elmo cake and make them happy!

Includes 1 Elmo cake pan, 1 template/picture, and instructions.

Flower Power cake pan:

Peace, man! Chill out, channel your inner hippie, and make a flower power cake!

Includes 1 flower power cake pan, 1 template/picture, and instructions.

Pumpkin Mold Baking Pan:

Change up trick or treat by handing out pumpkin cakes this year. Bake them, give them out, and let us store the pan until next Halloween! 

Includes 1 baking pan with 6 pumpkin molds.

Thomas the Tank Engine Cake Pan

Make a Thomas cake at home!

Includes cake pan and user guide with a picture of a finished Thomas.

Springform Pan Set:

Springform pans are great for baking but not everyone has a set. See if they work for you by borrowing ours!

Contains 3 springform pans and parchment paper liners

Cake Decorating Kit:

Use icing bags with different nozzles, 2 icing spreaders, 3 icing scrapers, and rotating cake holder to take your cake decorating to the next level!

Contains 1 cake turntable set with pieces (2 spatulas – 3 scrapers – 1 coupler – 11 small tips), 2 reusable pastry bags, disposable pasty bag inserts, tip instruction booklet.

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