Library of Things!

Musical Instruments:

Percussion Kit:

Everything you need if you want to bang on the drum (and other stuff) all day! Have fun with rhythm for zero cost!

Includes 2 bongo drums with adjustment wrench, 1 tambourine, 1  cowbell, 2 maracas, 1 woodblock with playing stick, and 1 triangle with playing stick.


Everything is included to learn to strum our Uke in no time. Impress your friends or jam in your room. Either way its free!

Includes 1 ukulele in case, 1 tuner with manual, 4 picks, and 1 ukulele chord chart.

Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar:

Want something louder and with more strings? We have you covered with this Fender electric guitar kit. Everything you need to start your journey to guitar hero or just impress your friends! (Need an amp too? We also have one of those, just see below.)

Contains 1 electric guitar with strap,1 gig bag, in gig bag pocket (1 instruction sheet, 1 instructional DVD, 1 electric tuner with instructions, 2 guitar picks in small bag, 2 allen wrenches)

Fly 3 mini amp kit by Blackstar:

Plug our guitar (or your own) into this cordless amp and practice your strumming anywhere. Don’t worry it still plays loud enough to annoy the neighborhood! Don’t have a guitar? You can also use this as a portable speaker!

Contains 1 Blackstar Fly mini amp with batteries included, 1 direction booklet, 1 guitar/instrument cable, in container.

MPK mini keyboard and usb midi controller:

Digital instruments like the MPK have allowed everyone to be able to create music and sounds with out a lot of gear and money. Use this keyboard to create all kinds of beats and hooks to form a one person band!

Contains 1 mini keyboard, 1 usb adapter cord, 1 quick start guide, 1 safety guide, and 1 software download card.

Numark party mix DJ controller with built in light show:

Get the party started with a digital dj turntable! You don’t need records or CDs just stream your favorite party tunes and scratch right over the music. It also has cool LED lights built right in so you can create your own beats in style.

Contains DJ controller with USB power cord, 1 user guide, 1 safety guide, and 1 quick start guide.

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