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Brother CS6000i sewing machine:

Learn how to use a sewing machine without the cost of buying one yourself. Take ours home and try it out!

Includes 1 sewing machine and power cord, 1 control pedal, 1 wide  table with instructions, 1 operation manual, 1 accessory kit and 1 protective hard case. 

Black and Decker cordless drill kit:

It’s the 21st century and nobody wants plug in power tools anymore, but sometimes you need a drill. Our kit has everything you need for your next power tool project all in a handy case!

Includes 1 cordless drill, 1 screwdriver, 1 battery charger, 4 sets of screw attachments, 5 sockets, 3 sets of drill bits, and drilling template.

Digital Radon Detector:

Radon gas is a serious problem in homes, but it cost a lot of money to test for it. Check out our detector for free and see if you have a Radon problem before spending any money!

Includes Radon detector with box and users manual. Disclaimer: Cooper-Siegel Library is not responsible for any readings that are gathered with this device. Please consult a professional if you are unsure about your results

Stanley homeowner’s tool kit:

Not all of us have a garage full of tools, but sometimes you need to fix things yourself. Check out our tool kit with 65 different tools to choose from in an easy to carry plastic case!

Includes 1 plastic tool kit with 65 tools and laminated tool guide on the back of the kit.

Auto Code Reader:

Check engine light on? Is your car not running well? Use our code reader to find out what’s wrong. Plugs into your car computer!

Contains 1 carrying case, 1 diagnostic code reader with cable, 1 mini USB charging cable, 1 user guide.

Easy Out Broken Bolt and Screw Extractor:

Stripping a screw or breaking a bolt is the worst. It can ruin a whole DIY project. Now you don’t have to worry, borrow our Easy Out kit and remove the bolt or screw quickly and easily.

Contains 1 container, 20 drill bits, 1 adapter, 1 bit holder, 1 user guide.

Dual Lens Endoscope:

See into tight spaces with this Endoscope camera. Use the long snake like lens to view inside impossible to reach places, like under furniture, cabinets, under appliances or even inside engines.

Contains 1 endoscope with camera lens cable, 1 USB charging cable, 2 small hanger attachments in clear case, 1 user manual, in box

Dremel Rotary Tool Kit:

Cut, sand, drill and more with one cordless tool. Light and easy to use you can tackle many DIY projects with having to use multiple tools.

Contains 1 cordless rotary tool in case, 1 battery, 1 battery charger, 1 cutting guide attachment, 1 box of sanding and drilling attachments, 1 operating guide, 1 cutting attachment guide in storage container.

Dymo Label Maker

Label everything with this handy label maker. Create a label, print it, and stick it anywhere. Easy to use and very portable. Come give it a try!

One label maker with white label paper. Clear is also available by request.

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