D.I.Y. Lab

The Digitize It Yourself (D.I.Y.) Lab is a place where you can transfer and store your analog memorabilia, such as photos, slides, audio and video cassettes, into a digital format for safekeeping.

Appointment Information:

The D.I.Y. Lab is located in the Computer Lab on the main level of the library. The Lab is available by appointment only which must be scheduled online at least 24 hours in advance. Each appointment is three hours long. For more information about the Lab, please read our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Supported Formats:

  • Photographs
  • Documents up to 8.5″ x 11″
  • Negatives/Film ( 35mm, 4” x 5”, medium and 8” x 10”)
  • 35 mm slides
  • Audio cassette tapes
  • VHS cassette tapes
  • 8, Hi8 and Digital 8 video cassette tapes

Unsupported Formats:

  • Betamax
  • Reel to reel audio
  • 8 and 16mm film
  • Slides in any other format other than 35 mm

Supported Storage Devices:

  • External hard drives – must be in ExFAT format
  • USB drives
  • DVD and CD
  • Cloud storage software

You must supply your own storage device. We recommend a minimum of 2 GB for image files and a minimum 4-6 GB for audio and video files.

Estimated Length of Digitization Time:

  • Video and audio materials are captured in real time
    • For every 1 minute of video, you will need to allow 1.5 minutes to digitize
    • For every 1 minute of audio, you will need to allow 1.25 minutes to digitize
  • 5 medium sized photographs scanned at 400 ppi will take about 10 minutes to digitize
  • 25 slides scanned at 2400 ppi will take about 40 minutes to digitize

Documents to Review before Arriving at the Lab: