D.I.Y. Lab

In order to observe an abundance of caution, the DIY Lab is closed to the public. We are monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 and will provide updates as the situation changes. 

The Digitize It Yourself (D.I.Y.) Lab is a place where you can transfer and store your analog memorabilia, such as photos, slides, audio and video cassettes, into a digital format for safekeeping.

Supported Formats:


  • Photographs
  • Documents up to 8.5″ x 11″
  • Negatives/Film ( 35mm, 4” x 5”, medium and 8” x 10”)
  • 35 mm slides
  • Audio cassette tapes
  • VHS cassette tapes
  • 8, Hi8 and Digital 8 video cassette tapes

Unsupported Formats:

  • Betamax
  • Reel to reel audio
  • 8 and 16mm film
  • Slides in any other format other than 35 mm

Supported Storage Devices:

  • External hard drives – must be in ExFAT format
  • USB drives
  • DVD and CD
  • Cloud storage software

You must supply your own storage device. We recommend a minimum of 2 GB for image files and a minimum 4-6 GB for audio and video files.

Estimated Length of Digitization Time:

  • Video and audio materials are captured in real time
    • For every 1 minute of video, you will need to allow 1.5 minutes to digitize
    • For every 1 minute of audio, you will need to allow 1.25 minutes to digitize
  • 5 medium sized photographs scanned at 400 ppi will take about 10 minutes to digitize
  • 25 slides scanned at 2400 ppi will take about 40 minutes to digitize

Documents to Review before Arriving at the Lab: