Media Squad

About Us

We are a group of passionate library staffers who love nothing more than chatting about our recent media likes and dislikes. While we love reading, listening to books and music and watching (and re-watching movies and TV shows) we love recommending media even more! Our mission is to inspire tons of media consumption and match the right media with the right person. We’re also deeply committed to consuming media while keeping an EDI-approach (equity, diversity and inclusion) in mind. Read more about us below and follow on the library’s social media accounts, our Goodreads page as well as updates right here.

Meet the Squad

  • Kelley enjoys many different kinds of books – poetry, nonfiction (she runs our nonfiction book club at the library) memoirs and post-apocalyptic fiction. Learn more about her and her favorite books here.
  • Jill enjoys books with a really good story like Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior and narrative nonfiction to learn more about the world. She runs our longstanding Evening Book Group. Find out what else she enjoys here.
  • Brad thinks narrative nonfiction is Where It’s At but he can definitely get into a good music biography and a juicy sci-fi or dystopian novel. More about Brad here.
  • Megan is our resident-pro on all things children and teen. But she also reads grown-up books! More about Megan here.
  • Erin reads about 100 books a year (wahoo!) and loves a good romance. More about Erin here.
  • Kim (details coming soon!)
  • Finley (details coming soon!)
  • Sara maintains a strong-hold on speculative fiction and fantasy and gets a kick out of Bojack Horseman. More about Sara here.

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