Media Squad Stacie

Stacie (Hufflepuff)

I am a super-user on GoodReads; so many great reads to keep track of! The site offers great recommendations and allows me to see what my friends and colleagues are reading. Win win! I also love Book Riot which is especially good for fans of science fiction, fantasy (my first loves) and graphic novels (like me!) I’ve always loved fantasy and science fiction, for the ways they mirror our own world and build on it to explore infinite possibilities. Memoirs are also great for building empathy. I also really enjoy the graphic novel format and the way it combines art with the written word. It’s a much more versatile medium than many might think—for those who aren’t into costumed superheroes, there are options ranging from a heartbreaking memoir of losing a child (Rosalie Lightning) to an uproariously funny take on Canadian history (Hark, a Vagrant!)

Other than reading (yes, I’m that librarian!) I love gardening, crafting, rolling dice and pretending to be a sword-wielding barbarian and roaming the city with my husband looking for new and interesting restaurants to try.

Libraries have been some of my favorite places since I was little—I’ve always felt at home in them and among the people who love them too. When a loved one whose life ended too soon urged me to spend my life doing what made me happy, I turned to the library as a refuge and a purpose. Here, I have the opportunity every day to connect people with the information they need and the stories they love, and I get to help make the community a stronger, more well-connected place. I’m grateful every day for that opportunity to contribute.

As for movies, pretty much everything made by Disney these days–seriously, between the animated musicals, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Star Wars, those are my favorites right there. I’m also a late-blooming but rapidly growing fan of horror, so if you have any recommendations for scary must-sees, let me know!

Faced with the ages-old debate, sweet or savory? Ooh, both? I can’t decide!

My husband and I have 2 cats. Eris lives up to her name as the goddess of chaos. Still an irrepressible kitten at age 10, she’s 6 lbs of curiosity, aggressive affection, and strong opinions. Her favorite hobbies are eating plants, climbing, shouting, and falling asleep on people’s laps. Mina is the queen of the house and knows it. She’s got a majestic set of whiskers, a purr that you can hear from the next room, and the ability to bat catnip mice out of the air like a star soccer goalie. Her favorite hobbies are playing fetch, looking lovely in sunbeams, and lying down on important paperwork.