Media Squad Member Sara


In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. And she was perfectly content to stay there and let her imagination do all of the adventuring.

I’m the Branch Manager of our Sharpsburg Branch and all-around nerd. I still check wardrobes for inter-dimensional portals, and I still believe that anything can happen if you let it. If I’m not reading, I am probably binge-watching cartoons and lamenting that cinemas are closed. I am the person to talk to for all of your speculative fiction needs, especially fantasy, as well as any queries about animation, cinema, kid-lit, YA, and Gothic fiction.

My favorite film is The Seventh Seal; my favorite current TV show is Bojack Horseman; and my favorite books are His Dark Materials and The Lord of the Rings. I love works that ask thought-provoking questions and subtly allude to the issues that confront us. While I can appreciate works that are meant to be entertainment, I gravitate toward more intellectual pieces that can be read (or watched) on multiple levels.

For 2021, my reading goals are to read more speculative fiction in translation and/or by writers of color. 

I am known to frequently geek out with patrons about books, movies, and TV. Join me and you will complete your training in the dork side!