Media Squad Member Whitney

more about me

Finding my next great read is a serious effort that involves talking to friends, browsing the library shelves of other people’s requested books and then from reading book reviews on NPR’s website. I also firmly believe in judging a book by it’s cover by wandering around libraries and/or bookstores. If it’s an interesting and/or beautiful cover I’m probably going to give it a chance.

My favorite Pittsburgh restaurant for some authentic Sichuan cuisine is Chengdu Gourmet. For Italian, I keep it simple and classic with The Olive Garden.

The kinds of books (and audiobooks) I love most are straight fiction, fantasy (I love witches and magic), biographies and the occasional and completely random general nonfiction, covering whatever topic I’m interested in at the moment. I particularly love full cast audiobook recordings and actors trying their hand at narration (Dan Stevens is a fabulous narrator!)

Best thing about 2019 so far: David Attenborough on Netflix, Game of Thrones and the epic amount of film, art and music being dumped onto the public domain this year! 😊