Media Squad Member Lisa

I mostly find my books through recommendations from friends. I have some passionate-reader pals!

I have a 14-year old son and my favorite thing to do with him, is make him laugh (no small feat with a 14-year-old)! Usually through a fierce game of thumb-wrestling.

Being on a team of creative contributors here at the library is THE BEST and being part of the library’s evolution rocks!

My reading life is full of all kinds of books, but the ones I hold most dear are memoirs or collections of essays that convey the humor in relatable experiences. And I just finished The Complete Sherlock Holmes.

In 2nd grade, I won an award for ‘writing sentences.’ That’s an important thing to know about me.

As for music, I’m a Gen Xer, so give me some Queen, 80s rock any day! I also love Pat Metheny and Andrea Bocelli.

And when I hit the lottery, I’m getting a summer home on Cape Cod. Bring on the summer breezes!