Media Squad Member Kelley

I’ve loved reading forever. Even in college and grad school when all I did was read for class, I still loved reading on my own. And I’m a huge music fan with tastes ranging from Andrew Bird to Van Morrison to Sidney Bechet to Kendrick Lamar. Currently, I’m going back to my high school roots and listening to some Tracy Chapman, Information Society and Shawn Colvin.

Give me a ringy-ding if you’re looking for a good memoir, some juicy poetry or a book that will chill or thrill you! I’m also good for movie recommendations (though I’m easy to please in that category, you’ve been forewarned) and TV shows. A few recent favorites: Ted Lasso (AppleTV), Bridgerton and Night Stalker (Netflix). I’m also re-re-re-re-watching Parks and Recreation and falling for Ron Swanson all over again.

I find books I want to read in mysterious and not-so-mysterious places: the usual library publications like Bookpage, BookRiot, GoodReads (of course) and NPR. But also various podcasts like On Being and Young House Love Has a Podcast. And also the shelves at Urban Outfitters! I run the Nonfiction Book Club at the library on Monday afternoons. Join us! Find out more here.

A few of my quirky bits:

  • I feel like wind turbines are harbingers of doom; like end-of-the-world/apocalypse type stuff. So, while I’m not afraid of them exactly, I’m very suspicious when I see them.
  • A few of my favorite movies: The Burbs, Bringing up Baby, The Goodbye Girl, Call Me By Your Name (also a great book!) and Bedknobs and Broomsticks.
  • I love to dance and have no shame about loving #discoforever.
  • I just moved to a new (much smaller house) and I named her Mini-Pearl.
  • In another life I think I was an interior designer.