Media Squad Member Kelley

more about me

I’ve loved reading forever. Even in college and grad school when all I did was read for class, I still loved reading on my own. And I’m a huge music fan with tastes ranging from Andrew Bird to Van Morrison to Sidney Bechet to Kendrick Lamar. Currently, I’m obsessed with JS Ondara and Lake Street Dive.

Give me a ringy-ding if you’re looking for a good memoir, some juicy poetry or a book that will chill or thrill you! I’m also good for movie recommendations (though I’m easy to please in that category, you’ve been forewarned) and TV shows. A few recent favorites: Veep, Special, Broad City and Master of None. I’m also re-watching old Northern Exposure episodes and falling for John Corbett all over again!

I find books I want to read in mysterious and not-so-mysterious places: the usual library publications like Bookpage, BookRiot, GoodReads (of course) and NPR. But also various podcasts like On Being and Young House Love Has a Podcast. And also the shelves at Urban Outfitters! I run the Nonfiction Book Club (Nuttin’ But the Truth) at CSCL on Monday mornings. Join us! Find out more here.

A few of my quirky bits:

  • I feel like wind turbines are harbingers of doom; like end-of-the-world/apocalypse type stuff. So, while I’m not afraid of them exactly, I’m very suspicious when I see them.
  • A few of my favorite movies: The Burbs, Bringing up Baby, The Goodbye Girl, Call Me By Your Name (also a great book!) and Bedknobs and Broomsticks.
  • I love to dance and have no shame about loving #discoforever.
  • I have a cat named Rabbit. He’s a Siamese and he’s lovely.
  • In another life I think I was an interior designer.