Media Squad Member Chloe

Chloe at the library, mid-shelving

I’m working (hard!) on earning my MLIS (Master of Library Science) and I’m interested in finding a position in archiving after a great internship at Rodef Shalom.

I work at the Circulation Desk and shelve books so the majority of my To-Be-Read list comes from me seeing random titles that sound interesting. If it’s not a random title that I’ve seen on the shelf, it is usually a book by an author I like or on a subject I find interesting.

My music taste is very random I’ll say. I try to stay up to date on bands I like, but lately I’ve been getting a lot of music and CDs of bands from the 80s. I normally find movies based on recommendations from my friends and family or I try to remember trailers that have piqued my interest.

I’m a big fan of stand-up comedy. I really enjoy Kyle Kinane. His jokes can take unexpected and hilarious turns.

I loved reading as a kid, but I had a habit of starting a series and never finishing it. The series I do remember finishing are The Spiderwick Chronicles, and The Inkheart series. A couple titles I read over and over were Esperanza Rising, and Captain Underpants.

My favorite recent reads are Jim Henson the Biography, Cutting for Stone, and The Historian.