Media Squad Member Brad

Brad with a friend

When looking for my next great read, I usually find it in publications like Booklist or the Ingram catalog (a secret online store where we librarians buy most of our books). I also get recommendations from friends and sometimes just browse the library shelves.

My perfect weekend day would involve (depending on the weather) a bike ride with friends while stopping at breweries and then catching a show at Mr. Smalls. Yeah that sounds real good.

The best part about being a librarian is playing around with cool stuff and being involved in so many different things: one day I’m cataloging books, the next I’m running a code club!

So I like reading narrative non-fiction; I think it is the best way to learn about the world around you and the experiences of others. If done well you can be sucked into a topic you cared nothing about before and find yourself suddenly obsessed with it. I also love a good music biography; it’s cool when you can read about how something you love is brought to life. I’m also there for the crazy stories that happen behind the scenes. Dark or dystopian fiction is good too. Since most fiction kind of bores me, I need something that feels dark and oppressive. I’m interested in how characters can survive in situations that seem hopeless and how they push back against it. And a robot or 2 doesn’t hurt.

Favorite movies? Always a hard question. I guess it depends on the day (don’t even ask me about my favorite bands) but if I have to pick: The Godfather, The Shining and Dazed and Confused (I’m clearly not a deep movie guy).

Once, long ago, I was a part-time librarian at Semester at Sea, which is a study abroad program. For 2 small voyages I worked in a library on a cruise ship and got to travel to Mexico, Central America, and even traversed the Panama Canal— all while checking out books. What a life!

I know I could probably be banned from the library world for this but I have to put it out there: no to Harry Potter. Nothing against Harry, but I only like wizards when they show up in heavy metal songs.