How To Fest 2018


How to Fest 2018 will take place on Sunday, September 23rd from 12-5 at the Cooper-Siegel Community Library.  We’ll have The Steer-n-Wheel food truck and Bruster’s Ice Cream Cart here to make sure you’re well-fed and The Venture Outdoors Climbing Wall so you can show off your rock-climbing skills! The food and climbing wall will be available all day in the borough parking lot! 

What is a How to Fest?

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How to Fly a Drone  1-2 in the Welcome Garden 

Description: Learn the various ways drones are being used today and how to fly them safely and responsibly. There will be hands-on demonstrations on how to fly a drone allowing everyone a chance to try this fun activity.

Presenter: The Gypsy Moths are a local drone enthusiast group who get together on a regular basis to test out their drone flying skills.

How to Use Essential Oils in Your Home with Emily Cagwin 1-1:30 in The Craft Room 

Description: In this workshop, we’ll talk about what oils work well at home and how to use them. We will also cover simple cleaning and hand sanitizer recipes, specifics on oil dilution for children and tips for making roller balls! Learn some great immune boosting ideas as well! 

Presenter: Emily Cagwin is a wife, mom and homeschooler of three little ones. She loves using essential oils in her home and has been a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA for 2 years She enjoys sharing and educating others about these oil-based home and health options. 

How To Keep Your Orchids Alive with Lisa McGough  1-1:30 in The Reading Room 

Description: So, you received a gorgeous orchid as a gift! But, after its beautiful blooms have faded, what do you do? Join Lisa McGough, our PR/Communications Coordinator and resident orchid enthusiast, to learn about the basics of orchid care. She’ll have her own orchid collection on hand to discuss in varying stages of blooms, dormancy, and development. Participants may feel free to bring a photo of your own orchid to share and ask questions! 

Presenter: Lisa McGough is a creative and enthusiastic “people-person” who enjoys photography, historic homes, and the old-fashioned art of hand-written letters. She has been a Fox Chapel area resident since 1994 and while not a trained horticulturist, Lisa has had burgeoning success and a growing passion for orchids as an amateur over the past few years. 

How to Adopt a Greyhound with Going Home Greyhounds 1:30-2:30 in The Reading Room 

Description: How To Adopt a Greyhound: Have you always been intrigued by retired racing Greyhounds? Join several reps (and pups!) from Going Home Greyhounds to learn more about the breed, the adoption process and what makes these dogs so loveable and perfect!  

Presenter: Going Home Greyhounds, founded in 1995, is a retired racing greyhound adoption organization. Adoptions are to homes located in the state of PA and within a 100 mile radius of the Greater Pittsburgh area to ensure adequate communications, resources, support and proper continued care are available for both the adopter and adoptees from the start of the adoption process through the life of the adoption relationship.   

How to Create with Calligraphy with Karen Nordstrom 1:30-2 in The McLaughlin Room

Description: Learn how a simple writing tool can make beautiful letters.  We’ll use pointed magic markers to create script letters with flourishes and other embellishments in a style similar to Copperplate aka the Wedding Script.  The letters are based on some basic proportions and techniques you can apply to your hand lettering and other arts/crafts. 

Presenter: Karen Nordstrom Roberts is a professional calligrapher with more than 20 years of lettering art experience. For many years she provided calligraphy services for weddings and other special events including marriage certificates and wedding blessings. Currently, her practice is focused on creating original art combining calligraphy and expressive art. She serves as vice president of the Calligraphy Guild of Pittsburgh. 

How to Make Candy-Striped Friendship Bracelets with Sydney Finnegan 2-2:30 in The Craft Room

Description: This is a simple bracelet, easily created by beginners, requiring just 1 knot and 4 thread colors. This colorful folk art jewelry originated from indigenous cultures of Latin America.

Presenter: Sydney Finnegan is the daughter of our library bookkeeper. She just started her freshman year at Hampton and spends her time playing lacrosse, watching great movies and listening to music.

How to Watch a Movie with a Critical Eye Anthony Hayt 2-2:30 in The Program Room 

Description: Would you like to be able to watch a film critically? Part of doing so involves being able to break down a scene and consider the parts as a way of understanding how a scene is constructed. We’ll look at a short scene, work through its construction by using a shot list, and discuss why considering the scene in such detail can help you glean more mean from a film. 

Presenter: Dr. Anthony Hayt received his PhD in English from the University of Oregon in 2014. He has taught film and cultural studies at UO and now works as an instructor at University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg. His research focus is feminism, gender theory, genre modes, and American popular culture.  

How to Prune for Fall 2:30-3 in The Welcome Garden 

Description: Did you know there’s a right way and a wrong way to prune your garden plants and bushes? Some plants and bushes should only be pruned at certain times of the year, like autumn. Learn how to use proper pruning techniques and timing to ensure your yard or gardens’ beauty and longevity.

Presenter: Greg Schaffer is the owner and operator of Green Prints Landscaping and Design company. He and his crew provide landscaping and lawn care service for our library and other local businesses.

How to Understand Food as Energy with Sarah Kaminski  2:30-3 in The McLaughlin Room

Description: Have you ever considered that food is energy? The more energy you have, the better you’ll feel. The better you feel, the more motivated you’ll be to take care of yourself! By the end of this ½ hour, you’ll feel better equipped to begin consistently making supportive, nourishing food choices that give you the most energy!  

Presenter: Sarah Kaminski is a certified Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach, plant-based food blogger and self-proclaimed foodie.  She empowers women to stop dieting so they can be present, honor their bodies, and feel confident in the skin they’re in!  She’s helped countless women balance hormones, lower blood pressure, manage Type I diabetes, eliminate brain fog, heal IBS, lower cholesterol and even reverse Type II Diabetes.   

How to Read Tarot with Stacie and Adam Davis 2:30-3:30 the The Reading Room 

Description: What is the Tarot? For centuries, this lavishly illustrated deck of cards has been used for both popular fortune telling and serious attempts to divine the future. Adam and Stacie will explore the fundamentals of Tarot, including its history, symbolism, and many different styles. Adam and Stacie will expand on their discussion of the Tarot with an exploration of popular spreads for using the cards as an oracle and source of guidance. A demonstration reading will be included. 

Presenter: Stacie Davis is a reference librarian at Cooper-Siegel and an aficionado of the occult. Adam Davis is an anthropologist and professor at the Community College of Allegheny County and Duquesne University. He has been studying the Tarot and its symbolism for more than 30 years. 

How to Be a Foster Parent with Diane Stanoszek 3-3:30 in The McLaughlin Room 

Description: Learn the ins and outs of being a foster parent. Becoming a foster parent can make a life-changing difference for a child. Diane will also be manning a resource table with fun games you can check out anytime during the day. 

Presenter: Diane works with Auberle Foster Care which has been providing children with safe and nurturing homes for children since 1986. Auberle is the largest foster care agency in Allegheny County.

How to Use Free Software to Make 3D Stuff with Brad Wulfkuhle 3-3:30 in The Program Room 

Description: Learn about some cool free design software and how you can create basic 3D printer projects using it! 

Presenter: Brad Wulfkuhle is the head of the tech services department at Cooper-Siegel Library and amateur 3D printing enthusiast. 

How to Relax and Refresh with Tai Chi with Suzen Sharda-Segall 3:30-4:30 in The Welcome Garden 

Description: Suitable for all bodies! Enjoy this guided moving mindfulness practice.This introduction to Chinese Yoga will leave you restored and encouraged to continue short simple effective self-care in your daily life. 

Presenter: Suzen Sharda Segall, M.Ed. Certified Wellness trainer and consultant has been sharing her joy of movement with people for decades. She has studied with Master George Young, ChiangLiang Al Huang, Dr. Ted Cibik and Dr Lam. Suzen holds pop-up mindful walking practice with energy exercises in our neighborhood parks on weekends and clinics for golfers. 

How To Paint Furniture with Chalk Paint with Madeleine Byers 3:30-4 in The Reading Room 

Description: Learn how to evaluate your project to determine what preparation is needed before applying chalk paint to make every project a success! Also view samples of the versatility of the paint and related products. From antiquing to patina, bring those old treasures back to life! 

Presenter: Madeleine owns A Brush of Whimsy in Aspinwall, a small shop carrying unique vintage items , jewelry, furniture, giftware and Dixie Bell mineral paint and supplies. She also does custom-work and teaches paint classes by appointment. 

How to Defend Yourself with Tai Kwon Do 4-4:30 in The Program Room 

Description: Tae Kwon Do is an ancient Korean martial art. Learn to punch and kick as well as a few selfdefense moves and the best way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Kids, invite Mom and Dad along for a fun with fitness family challenge that everyone will benefit from!

Presenter: Master Brianne Norris began training under Grand Master Kong Young Bo at the age of 13. She is a 5th Degree Black Beltand has competed and medaled in numerous martial arts tournaments. Master Norris leads the Young Brothers Tae Kwon Do studio in Aspinwall where the focus of the training is not only the physical strength and growth, but also on important skills that lead to personal successes in life. 

How to Catch Pickleball Fever with Kathy Demetri 4-4:30 in The Welcome Garden 

Description: Learn about the fastest growing sport in the USA, Pickleball! It’s a fun paddle-sport combining elements of badmintontennis, and table tennis 

Presenter: Kathy Demetri is a United States Pickleball Association (USAPA) Ambassador, Fox Chapel Pickleball Instructor and Tournament Referee. 

How to Brew Beer the Dancing Gnome Way 4-4:30 in The Program Room 

Description: Learn about Dancing Gnome’s brewing process, brief history, how they operate, and why they brew the way they do.  

Presenter: Dancing Gnome Brewery, located in at 925 Main Street in Sharpsburg, creates beer brewed with knowledge, passion and lucid abandon.  

How to Get your Dog/Cat/Rabbit Certified as a Therapy Animal with Therapets  4-4:30 in The Reading Room  

Description: Learn how to get your pet certified as a therapy animal and make visits with the Therapets program throughout your community.

Presenter: Therapets is a program run by Animal Friends and filled with volunteers who train and certify volunteer pet therapy teams that visit facilities all over Southwestern Pennsylvania to promote the human-animal bond.  

How to Do a 5-Minute Face with Tara Sparacino 4-5 in The Mclaughlin Room

Description: Running late? Pressed for time? Just not a morning person? Find out how to do a quick and easy makeup application that will get you out the door looking like you didn’t just hit snooze one too many times. Tips, tricks and products to make your morning routine faster will be discussed and demonstrated.

Presenter: Tara Sparacino, office administrator by day, skincare/makeup enthusiast by night– has amassed vast amounts of knowledge on how to take care of her skin during different stages of life and developed tips on how to achieve natural, fun and expressive makeup styles.

How to Raise and Keep Chickens 4:30-5 in The Welcome Garden  

Description: Which came first: the chicken or the egg?  Homestead Jenn and Phil will teach you about chick hatching and backyard hen keeping. Meet friendly hens and baby chicks and also see a portable chicken coop. We’ll chat about the age-old question of which came first!

Presenter: Homestead Jenn & Phil co-founded Rent The Chicken in 2013 to provide a turnkey option for people interested in having backyard hens for fresh eggs without the commitment.  Rent The Chicken is available in more than 60 major markets across the USA & Canada while Hatch The Chicken is available in 20 major markets. Recently, a sister company to Rent The Chicken, The Chicken Network, was launched to provide quality chicken coops, toys, and more that are shipped all over the USA

How to Make a Big Mouth Puppet with Alison Babusci  4:30-5 in The Craft Room 

Description: Make an awesome puppet easily with paper, scissors and glue. Fun for all ages! Create a unique hand puppet using clever paper folding and sculpting techniques. 

Presenter: Alison Babusci is an artist, educator, storyteller and the STEAM Education Coordinator at our Sharpsburg branch! She also teaches at Chatham & Duquesne Universities and proudly serves as the Vice President of the Puppetry Guild of Pittsburgh. She creates upcycled wool and cashmere accessories as We Used to Be Sweaters. 

How to Play Simple Percussion Instruments with Jeff Burman 4:30-5 in The Reading Room 

Description: You’ll learn how to beat out steady rhythms on small percussion instruments for fun with family and friends. We will focus on using egg shakers, tambourines, triangles, and rhythm sticks. 

Presenter: Jeff Berman is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and educator. A native of NYC now living in Pittsburgh, his flexible playing on vibraphone, mountain dulcimer, and percussion, has allowed him to collaborate, across stylistic and cultural, boundaries, with a diverse group of artists from all over the world.