What time can I pick up my items?

Curbside Pickup is available at Cooper-Siegel Community Library (CSCL) on the following days and times:   

Tuesday: 10am-4pm

Wednesday & Thursday: 1pm-7pm

Friday: 10am-4pm

Saturday: 10am-2pm

Sharpsburg Community Library (SCL) curbside pickup hours are as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 12pm-6pm

Saturday: 10am-2pm

Who can use Curbside Pickup?

Curbside Pickup is available for current library card holders whose accounts are in good standing. If you have a balance due exceeding $10, you must pay this before you can pick up any held items. For the safety of our staff and patrons, we will not be able to process payments at curbside. You may pay your balance ahead of time through your online account or by calling the library to pay with a credit card over the phone.

How does Curbside Pickup work?

  1. When you arrive at the library, pull in to one of the numbered parking spaces in the front lot.
  2. If you have items to return, put them in the outside book drop and return to your vehicle.
  3. From your vehicle, call the library at 412-828-9520 x 5010.
  4. Identify yourself with name and library card number.
  5. Inform staff what number parking spot you are in.
  6. Open your trunk.
  7. Staff will check out your items to you, bring them outside in a bag and place them in your trunk or unoccupied back seat.
  8. STAY IN YOUR CAR during the whole process

Click here for a CSCL How to Video

For Sharpsburg

To prevent traffic congestion, patrons should call 412-781-0783 ahead of time (if possible) and schedule a pickup time. Upon arrival, follow the same steps as CSCL.

Click here for a Sharpsburg How to Video

What if I no longer want to check out the items I have on hold?

Please call 412-828-9520 x 5010 or 412-781-0783 (depending on preferred library location) to inform staff.

Can I return my items during the curbside pickup visit?

You may return items via the outside book drop, which will only be open during the library’s curbside hours. Please do not attempt to give the items to a staff person if you are doing curbside pickup.  Wait until the staff person is inside the library before returning items.

What if the item(s) I want to return don’t fit in the bookdrop or are not permitted to go in the bookdrop?

You may return these items during the library’s curbside hours only.  When you arrive at the library, call 412-828-9520 x5010 and tell the staff person that you are returning an item(s) that does not fit in the bookdrop. A library staff member will come outside to retrieve the item(s) from your vehicle.

At Sharpsburg, please follow the same guidelines under pedestrian/cyclist pickup.

If I returned my items, why does my account indicate that they are not checked back in yet?

In order to ensure the safety of our staff and patrons, we are placing all returned items into quarantine for 96 hours or more before checking those items in. Your account will indicate that the items are checked back in soon after the quarantine period.

What are the safety precautions your staff is taking?

All staff members are required to wear gloves and a face mask and will practice social distancing from other staff members and members of the public during the curbside service. All items are placed in a 96-hour or longer quarantine before being checked in.

How do I reserve items?

We have good news for you!  You can now place your requests for materials through the website Once your request is ready for pickup, you will be notified. You will have 7 days to pick up your item(s). After 7 days, your item(s) will be placed back on the shelves or returned to the owning library.

Who can pick up my items?

Anyone may pick up your items, but they must have your library card number in order to pick up your items. Your account should indicate that you have given permission for another person to pick up holds.


What if I don’t have a car, but I still want Curbside Pickup?

If you arrive on foot, bicycle or motorcycle at CSCL, please call the library when you arrive. Staff will bring your items outside in a bag and put them on the bench for you to retrieve. Please wait near the bicycle rack until the staff person is back in the building before retrieving your items from the bench.

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At Sharpsburg, a table will be set up near the bike rack.  Please call the library when you arrive and stay on the side of the table closer to the street.  Staff will bring your items outside in a bag and put them on the side of the table diagonally opposite from you.

If there are multiple pedestrians/cyclists waiting, please stand within the designated circles while waiting your turn.  To ensure the sidewalk is passable, the waiting line will go along the exterior wall of the library facing the parking lot.

Click here for a Sharpsburg How to Video

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