How does it work?

1. Start with the Bracket!

Below on the page is our official March Book Madness Bracket. You can print it from here or just follow along online. We will update this site every week of the tournament. If you haven’t read a title or want to jog your memory by rereading, each of the book images on the bracket below link to the online catalog so you will know where to find these titles.

2. The Tournament begins!

March Book Madness begins with 16 books in four different categories. Top Left: Adult Fiction, Bottom Left: Teen Fiction, Top Right: Chapter Books, Bottom Right: Kids Books. This year our staff selected 16 books that were published in 2011 in honor of our upcoming 10-year anniversary. Now the rest is up to you!

3. Voting for the winners!

Voting will take place over four rounds, each lasting a week. You can only vote once on each ballot. The first voting round will open Tuesday, March 9th, at 12pm and end Sunday, March 14th, at 5pm. The winners will be announced and the new ballots will be ready the next day before 12pm.

There is one way to vote, online here. The dates for each round are Sweet Sixteen: March 9th-14th, Elite Eight: March 16th-21st, Final Four: March 23rd-28th, Championship: March 30th-April 4th. The winning title will be announced on April 5th.

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